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Self Driving Cars - World Changing Cryptocurrency Concepts (Blockchain Technology)

Self Driving Cars - World Changing Cryptocurrency Concepts (Blockchain Technology)

Each week I'm going to tackle a new world changing blockchain concept. Enjoy the first entry of this new series.

This article (which evolved into a series half way through writing) was inspired by a post I saw on Reddit about the world's first floating nation set to launch by 2022 with its own cryptocurrency and government.

The project is bankrolled by Peter Thiel - founder of PayPal. His team are working with the French Polynesia government (a band of 118 islands) to make this happen and it will be built off the island of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean.

This experimental island is surely going to be used as a luxury holiday destination / business safe haven, but let's look at the bigger picture. If this project is successful, think of the potential use cases on a larger scale.

Imagine islands with their own regulations - it's fascinating to think about. If you're not happy with the way things are being run, take your floating house and find another island. Think of the potential cultures that could develop if a system like this had a few decades to figure itself out.

Climate change will eventually force people out of their homes - where can they go? No country can house them because they have their own problems to deal with. So if we can build new islands on water we can integrate refugees back into the world.

Whether you believe overpopulation will ever happen - this could be a solution to that.

What if a catastrophic event shakes the Earth? A super volcano erupting, a devastating earthquake, hell - a big ass meteor! We can bounce back with these man made islands like us humans always fucking do!

With blockchain technology we can shape this world of ours to make everyone's lives better. Let's go further down the rabbit hole:

Self Driving Cars

The biggest threat to self driving cars is security. The government will never allow these hacked murder machines to drive about causing mayhem. Rightly so. Until you can ensure hack proof systems, I don't want autonomous cars on the road.

You've all seen that Fast & Furious scene I hope - yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dawg.

Blockchain technology could be the answer. Let's assume it is the answer and indulge in future use case. Picture this:

6:00am - your alarm goes off. Fuck I hate my alarm noise. It's already a bad day. I get on with my morning routine and I'm out the door by 6:30am.

I jump in my car and set off on my 2 hour commute in FUCKING RUSH HOUR. Playing the drums on your steering wheel can only keep you entertained for so long and you've exhausted every podcast you can get your ears on.

You arrive at 8:30am with your dreams of helping humanity destroyed and your energy drained by the vampire we call life. Then you have a full day of work ahead of you. You finish up and you drive the 2 hours back. Fuck me what an existence.

If you had a self driving car, you would have saved 4 hours. You can go for a nap and get that much needed beauty sleep. You can learn how to play the trumpet. Get this, you can share your car with your bird and get a cheeky shag in before work - windows down if you like to live adventurously.

Think of everything you would do if you had a private driver. That is the infinite potential of self driving cars.

Did I forget to mention a few things? Yes I fucking did. Do you think rush hour will be nearly as bad if robots are driving instead of us dopey cunts?

We stare at shit, fanny about on our phones, WASTE 20 SECONDS AT THE GREEN LIGHT BEFORE SETTING OFF BLOCKING EVERYONE ELSE. Fuck you and and your fresh new eyebrows Sarah. Why is it always a Sarah?

There will be less accidents, less brake checks, less drunk drivers, less stoned out pot heads, less road rage... That is until the machines rise up. Hopefully that won't happen in our life time. Fuck our grand kids though, not our problem.

You can go even deeper with this. You can have your robot driver take you on the fastest route or you can go on the relaxing scenic route. Complete customization while you get to sit back and do what you want. You can finally get all those damn moons on Super Mario.

Let's go a step further. If we're all in robot cars that can speak to each other - our speed limit goes up. Our speed limits are what they are now because humans need to react to other retarded humans. If computers can talk to each other, the sky is the limit.

200 miles per hour on your way to Maccies - yes please mate. Here's another one for you:

7:30am - you can set your alarm later these days cause robot cars are the shit. You press snooze and enjoy one more minute because you have full trust in yourself to not fall asleep.

It's 9:49am - you're an idiot.

You rush out of bed and finish your morning routine before your boner can go down. The meeting starts at 10:00am. You jump in your self driving car. Pay £20 and get yourself a priority flag.

All the other cars make a path and you get to feel like Moses as you fly down the middle.

Nah Joe, that's stupid. Why would I let people push past me? That valuable second is important to me, screw other peoples bad choices. I'm a fucking crab in a bucket.

It's all good you selfish fuck, that £20? Gets distributed evenly to all the people that made a path (including you). In a week you'll be able to walk down to Starbucks and treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte. Why are you walking? You have a self driving car. Your car just paid for your Starbucks mate.

Emergency vehicles get the same priority flag - only you don't get paid for that you tight ass. You'll be thankful when you or your loved ones need it.

The fun doesn't end there either. Yesterday was leg day and you want to chill out and build Fort Kickass. You're not planning on doing anything today so your car is just sat there.

Send it out as a taxi and let your car earn money for you. Running low on Doritos? Send your car to the shop where a worker (probably a robot) can drop your shopping off. Got a new match on Tinder? Send your car to go pick them up while you shave your balls.

You're on your way home from the club with a tasty bird - no more waiting for a taxi or an uber. No more extortionate £50 journeys as they take you on the longest route possible because you're too occupied with your kill.

You're sat in your self driving car and hear a funky mechanical noise. It's okay, it'll probably keep going for another couple of months until it finally breaks one day and you have no idea why.

Your self driving car is such a top lad he sneaks off in the middle of the night to a garage and takes care of the problem for you. You get in the car the day after and don't even notice. His feelings aren't even hurt because he's a robot. While he was there he treated himself to a pricey car wash with the naked cheerleaders. Robots aren't perfect - give him a break.

While a lot of these examples are exaggerated, they're not impossible. This could be the future in our life times. There are 101 examples that haven't even been thought of yet.

I've only really touched on the personal benefits. Can you imagine what this technology could do for business? There's a storm coming and I can't wait. Don't even get me started on how fucked up the insurance industry is. Time for an overhaul bitches.

What cool concepts can you come up with?

I'd like to apologize for the name calling. None of you are fucks - except Sarah. I love you all.

Thanks for reading, check out my socials - especially Twitch. Your boy is on the Mario Kart hype tonight.

Peace <3

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