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A History Lesson On Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Memes (Community Favorites + Meme Review)

A History Lesson On Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Memes (Community Favorites + Meme Review)

When the cryptocurrency market is doing well, the memes are plentiful and the community tolerance is high. When it's doing poorly, nothing changes. Memes are a part of our culture now whether you like it or not.

You could argue memes cheapen cryptocurrency by promoting low effort content. You could even say it discourages people from taking cryptocurrency seriously.

Those that have been in this game for a while know that if you do not laugh - you will cry. 

To all the naysayers - I say embrace the memes. How else will we get all the normies to adopt the future currencies and technologies of the world?

We'll start with the first cryptocurrency meme. The OG. The One & Only. HODL on to your hat because we're about to go on a magical journey of discovery. You're about to chow down on an important and historic knowledge bomb.


A meme of this caliber must surely have an origin story better than Batman, right?

December 18th, 2013.

A chilly festive night, a bottle of whiskey, and a lesbian bar. Caught your interest I have.

The Mighty GameKyuubi on the bitcointalk forums blessed us with this meme after a huge Bitcoin crash.

In his drunken stupor he misspelled his post title "I AM HODLING" - inside the thread contained a poetic paragraph of intoxicated rambling.

While there is surely a deeper meaning that our simple minds don't yet understand, he seems to argue in favor of holding his bitcoins during these trying times and shares his opinion on his trading skills.

I am convinced a printed out screenshot of this work of art will be displayed in a museum a hundred years from now. A memorial will be erected in his honor and children of the future will be named after him. My future son is going to hate me.

So when you see HODL out in the wild, appreciate the knowledge passed down by the great minds that got the ball rolling for Bitcoin. "Standing on the shoulders of giants" comes to mind.

HODL will be the most popular phrase you run into - but DYOR (do your own research) should get an honorable mention as well. This was popularized by conspiracy theorists and the crypto world embraced it with open arms.

Don't forget about "buy low sell high" - the first thing anyone will tell you when it comes to making money on financial markets. When noobs post a one sentence thread asking "how to make lots and lots of money ?" they'll be met with "buy low sell high".

The users on 4chan's /biz/ message board like to preach "buy high sell low" because they're always one step ahead.

Ethereum (ETH) Giveaways!

Send 1 ETH to my wallet and get 5 ETH back!

Who would've thought playing Runescape would be beneficial later in life?

Runescape was littered with scammers trying to steal your hard earned virtual currency. There were countless creative methods - a common one was doubling your money.

You give a guy 10 coins, he gives you 20 coins. You give it a go cause 10 coins is nothing for this high roller - kill a cow and you've got your money back... Wait, he actually gave you 20 coins back?

You've figured it out. This is how you get your rune trimmed armour and all the babes you can afford.

You handover 500 coins, you get 1000 coins back. Drinks are on me tonight ladies! This is fool proof - why isn't every idiot making money this way? I'm going to tell all my friends at school how rich I am now.

You go all in. You trade your fat stack of 67,456 coins over. You're dreaming about all the sick new gear you're going to buy - all the party hats you're going to flex.

5 seconds pass...

Man logs out.

The sudden realization dawns on you. The five stages of grief infect your mind:

  • Denial - oh, his internet just went out
  • Anger - where the fuck is this guy
  • Bargaining - i'll add him as a friend and when he's back he'll send me the money :)
  • Depression - he blocks you
  • Acceptance - tell everyone at school you were hacked instead

Thanks for making me bring up that past trauma, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway.

You'll find these ETH giveaways all over social media - Twitter being the king. They're so common that the crypto community jokes about them daily.

The scammers have a few tricks up their sleeve to convince you as well. If you check the wallet address they provide, you'll find multiple transactions in and out. They artificially add these to be more believable. 

They use similar usernames to exchanges and other crypto influencers. Every day they get more creative so stay on your toes.

They setup bots to comment and like each post saying it works followed by 15 emojis.

"Thank u - cannot believe this works!!1! Can i do it twice xDD lmaooo moon lambo"

If it's too good to be true - it generally is.


Where do I even start with this mess?

This Ponzi scheme was able to flourish during the last few months of 2017 and into 2018 despite the communities warnings.

January 16th, 2018 - Bitconnect shuts down. New investors lose all their money.

They claimed it was due to bad press, constant DDoS attacks, and two cease and desist letters.

Before they shut down, the Bitconnect group travelled around the world shilling Bitconnect in hopes of scamming more people out of their money.

One infamous video stands above the rest - nothing I write here can do this justice. Please enjoy Carlos the Barbarian with your own eyes and ears:

"Bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeect!" is a staple cryptocurrency meme that will stand the test of time without a doubt.

You'll be glad to know these scammers have been sued - but poor investors will never see their money again. Learn from other peoples mistakes, do not get baited by quick and easy money.

Lambo & Mooning

Short for Lamborghini - back in 2014 a 4chan user bought a Lamborghini Gallardo for 217 bitcoins (worth $210k at the time).

Ever since this purchase the lambo meme has flourished. It has become the cryptocurrency car. Whenever prices are rocketing towards the moon (mooning) people often share their dream purchases.

While a lot of the time the community are poking fun at themselves by shouting lambo - at the time this was huge for cryptocurrency adoption. It showed the world that Bitcoin has the potential to be a viable world wide currency with no central authority having control.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The anonymous founder of Bitcoin.

The community has no idea who this is, there have been a few people trying to claim the throne. But they get denounced almost immediately. Nobody has provided sufficient proof so far.

Satoshi Nakamoto could be a man or a woman. It could be a group, we have no idea. There are one million bitcoins sitting in Satoshi's wallet. If someone steps up and moves even a tiny fraction of this collection, we will have our glorious leader. Until then, Satoshi Nakamoto is a ghost. I kinda prefer it that way.

March 7th, 2014.

Channel 4 News hunted down a Japanese American named Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin project had been around for 5 years at this point. Why did no one else think about tracking this guy down?

After a car chase through the streets of LA, they conducted a forced interview where he denies any involvement with Bitcoin.

His reaction triggered a creation of memes and we're all thankful for it.

"Are you Batman?"

"No" - Bruce Wayne

Popular Cryptocurrency Memes

All your usual favorites - built from already popular memes with some juicy originals thrown in. There isn't much of a story behind these, but they hit close to home and you'll cry at how relatable they are.

Buying The Dip


Before Crypto vs. After Crypto


Constant Price Checking


What We Actually Want


Cryptocurrency Trading - Wolf of Wall Street


Bootleg Interstellar HODL


That concludes your cryptocurrency history lesson. There will be more spicy memes in the future that we get to indulge in - perhaps you will be the creator of one?

Thanks for reading - check out my socials. I stream live on Twitch all the time, come ask me anything.

Love you all - peace! <3

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