Hello, my name is Joe Morrell.

Iā€™m a British (UK) dude documenting my cryptocurrency journey. I make videos and write articles to help beginners out.

All of the content on this website is from my own personal experience - this website / channel is more of a blog rather than an official news source.

Here are the topics I've covered so far:

  • Bitcoin explained - how does bitcoin work?
  • Types of cryptocurrencies explained - coins & tokens with examples!
  • Buying your first cryptocurrency (GBP, EUR, USD)
  • Best cryptocurrency exchanges for beginners
  • How to keep your cryptocurrency safe - wallets, security, keys, and exchanges
  • Hardware wallet recommendations - Trezor & Ledger
  • Nano explained - how does it work?
  • Cryptocurrency news updates
  • The history of cryptocurrency memes
  • Fun future concepts, i.e - self driving cars, machine economy, etc

I'm slowly making my way down all of the cryptocurrencies while making detailed articles and videos on how they work and what they're trying to do for the world.

I also stream on Twitch! 

I stream my learning and writing process so we can learn together. My goal is to build a community of crypto enthusiasts that learn together and support each other. 

We discuss the latest crypto news and dive down white papers. Come chill with us!

Whenever something cool gets announced I tend to share my opinion.

If you want to make a video or a podcast together, reach out and we'll make it happen.

Peace <3

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